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ZPW15D Roterende tabletpersmasjien pilpers GMP-standaard

ZPW15D Roterende tabletpersmasjien pilpers GMP-standaard



Rotary tablet press machine is a single- pressing type machine with automatic rotation and continuous tablet pressing researched and developed by our company, used to press granular raw materials into various ordinary and special-shaped tablets.

It is mainly used in electronics,food, daily commodities, medicine and other industries.The peripheral housing is fully closed. It is made of stainless steel, conforming to GMP requirements. The transparent observation windows installed enable the working status of the machine to be clearly observed.In addition, they can be opened to make internal cleaning and maintenance easy.

With such features as high pressure, wide tablet range,and being able to make tablets of various shapes including ordinary, special- -shaped and ring-shaped tablets, the machine is especially suitable for production of small batches and diversified varieties of products. With mechanical and electrical integration, all controllers and regulating devices are centralized atone side of the machine to facilitate the operation. The machine is equipped with pressure overload protective device to avoid damage to it. The driving mechanism adopting oil-immersed lubrication is closed at the bottom of the machine to prolong the service life and avoid cross contamination. The punches are  interchangeable with those for ZP17 tablet press.

model ZPW-15D ZPW-17D ZPW-19D
Punch quantity(Serts) 15


Maksimum vuldiepte (mm) 60 60 60
Maks. tabletdruk (KN) 22 20 13
Maksimum tabletdeursnee (mm) 15 15 15
Maksimum tabletdikte (mm) 6 6 6
Huidige rotasiespoed (r/min) 37 37 37
Produksievermoë (Pc / h) 35,000 40,000 42,000
Motoriese krag (kw) 2.2 / 960, 380V / 50 2.2 / 960, 380V / 50 2.2 / 960, 380V / 50
Algehele grootte (mm) 615 x 890 x 1415 615 x 890 x 1415 615 x 890 x 1415
Masjiengewig (kg) 700 700 700