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GZPK26/32/40/50 Voloutomatiese hoëspoed tabletpers D gereedskap B gereedskap BB gereedskap CE standaard

GZPK26/32/40/50 Voloutomatiese hoëspoed tabletpers D gereedskap B gereedskap BB gereedskap CE standaard


Service Conditions of High-speed Tablet Press

1)Working environment:

The working environment conforms to relevant requirements of GMP specification.

2)Material pressing requirement

2.1 Granule requirement

Granule size range: 12-60 meshes, great compressibility and mobility;

Synthetic medicine starch tablet: the granules should be uniform and not moist; the proportion of fine powder (above 60 meshes) in the granules should not exceed one third; Traditional Chinese medicine granules: pure extract, semi-extract and raw powder granules should not be moist and should have certain mobility.

2.2 Dry powder

It is applicable to direct powder tabletting, and the pressed powder should have certain compressibility and mobility.

3)Tabletting form:

The machine can be used for pressing common round tablets, large tablets, abnormal tablets, special abnormal tablets, single/double-face carved tablets, cartoon tablets, etc.

4)Power supply requirement 380V, 50Hz, three-phase five-wire system, no mutual interference between N line and PE line.


model GZPK26 GZPK32 GZPK40
Pons pin nommer 26 32 40 50
Punch Type (IPT) D B BB TF16

(10,000 tablets/h)

34000 171000 ~ 42000 211000 ~ 52000 264000 ~
Rotating speed (rmp) 22 110 ~
Maksimum hoofdruk 100KN
Maximum pre-pressure 16KN
Maksimum vuldiepte


16mm 16mm 16mm
Dikte van die tablet 0.5 ~ 9mm
Maksimum tabletdeursnee Ф25 mm Ф16 mm Ф13 mm Ф10 mm
Maximum abnormal axis size <25mm <19mm <16mm <11mm
Die deursnee Ф38.10 mm Ф30.16 mm Ф24.00 mm Ф19.00 mm
Suier deursnee Ф25.35 mm
Ф19.00 mm Ф19.00 mm Ф16.00 mm
Lengte van die suier 133.60mm
Werkgeluid ≤70dB
Totale krag 7.5KW/380V, 50Hz,

7.5KW/380V, 50Hz, 3 phase five-wire system

Boundary dimension of equipment × × 820 1100 1750 mm
Netto gewig van toerusting 1450kg


The maximum production refers to the maximum production realized under the conditions of round tablets, minimum tablet diameter and maximum rotating speed. The production is influenced by tablet diameter and tablet type.