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Redelike fabrieksprys Menggranulator Nattipe granulasiemasjien HLSG-200/600 High Shear Mixer Granulator

Redelike fabrieksprys Menggranulator Nattipe granulasiemasjien HLSG-200/600 High Shear Mixer Granulator



This machine can mix powder or paste into granular materials with solid particles, uniform particle size, higher efficiency for tablet press. It is widely used in the mixing and granulation of medicine, food, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. In particular, it can be used for mixing and granulating traditional herbal extracts and traditional herbal powders, which solves a technical problem of transforming herbal medicines into medicines.

Control System

With PLC Full-computer Automatic Control produced by German Siemens. Machine setting via the man-machine interface with screen prompt function and graphic parameters. Settings can be input by touch on the HMI. Datas can be automatically recorded, so you only need to select fast in the next time.

Process of granulation

A.Adhesive uniform mixing process.

B.Particles formation.

C.The particles move in a spiral in the pot.

D.Particles meet the final requirements.




1.HMI prompt function, Siemens PLC control.

2. Vaste en ronde graan, met eenvormige korrelgrootte en hoë produkopbrengs, bied u die beste herstel.

3. Meng en korrel word in een stap voltooi, die doeltreffendheid word 4 tot 5 keer verhoog.

4. Outomatiese ontlading.

5.Smaller floor space requirement, and short cleaning time.6.Save 15-25% dosages of adhesive and shorten drying time.7.Totally closed production complied with GMP.

8.It can still obtain good effect when specific weight difference between main  medicine, subsidiary medicine auxiliary materials are greater.

9. Jacket-ketel kan gebruik word om die materiaal te verhit of af te koel.

10.Spraying feature is designed to solve the problem of extract powder granulation.

11. Lae geraas <72 db

12. Space between kettle bottom and blade is small (0.3~ 1mm) to avoid deposit in kettle bottom completely.

13. Operation of vacuum feeding system does not appear dust.


item eenheid HLSG-200 HLSG-600
Totale volume L 300 600
Bedryfsvolume L 50 ~ 180 100 ~ 450
Voedingshoeveelheid Kg 40 ~ 100 80 ~ 200
Waaier spoed rpm 6 ~ 230 5-160
motor krag Kw 15 22
Draaisnelheid van die snyer rpm 300 ~ 2850 150 ~ 1440
motor krag Kw 5.5 7.5
Algehele afmetings (L x B x H) mm 2115 x 1615 x 2350 2700 x 1565 x 2235

Gewig van masjien

Kg 1500 2500
Gewig van die kabinet kg 150 200