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2021 Fabriek mededingende prys 2021 BGB-F Coating masjien medisyne en Sugar Coater

2021 Fabriek mededingende prys 2021 BGB-F Coating masjien medisyne en Sugar Coater



The BGB-F high-efficiency coating machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industries.It is a high-efficiency, energy saving, safe,clean and mechatronics equipment for coating tablets, pills and candies with organic film, water soluble film,slow and controlled release film and sugar film etc., which conforms to the requirement of GMP.


BGB-F coating machine not only .possesses basic functions and characteristics of C-type machine, but also has the following characteristics:

1. It is the best model. for exploring coating technology in pharmaceutical laboratory.

2. The coating drum can be replaced according to the coating technology batch.

3. Replacement of the coating drum is convenient and fast.

Workin Principle

The tablet cores make continuous and complicated orbital motion within the closed rotating drum under the action of a.streamline guide plate. During the motion,coating medium automatically sprays according to the technological process and rational technological parameters, at the same time hot air is supplied under a negative pressure. The hot air penetrates through the tablet core layers and is discharged from the bottom of the layers,so that the coating medium sprayed on the surface of table cores will dry rapidly and evenly, thus forming a solid and smooth surface film.

model         BGB-10F BGB-20F BGB-40F
Working capacity(kg/Batch based on bulk density of 1) 10 20 40
Three/Two drums for one machine(kg/batch) 3, 5, 10 5, 10, 20 20, 40
Diameter van die trommel (mm) 500, 520, 610 520, 580, 680 720, 850
Speed-adjusting range of coating drum(rpm) 6 ~ 30 6 ~ 25 4 ~ 21
Motor power of main machine(kw) 0.55 0.75 1.1
Regulating range of hot air temperature(℃)

Normal temperature ~ 80℃

Motor power of hot air machine(Kw) 0.75 0.75 1.1
Motor power of exhaust machine(Kw) 2.2 2.2 3
Motor power of vibration dust-cleaning device(kw) 0.37 0.37 0.37
Motor power of peristaltic pump(kw) 0.03 0.03 0.18
Overall dimension of main machine(mm) 970 x 800 x 1840 1000 x 950 x 1900 1120 x 1100 x 1840
Gewig van hoofmasjien (kg) 450 500 600