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2021 Fabrieksprys DPP 150 Plat tipe aluminium plastiek blister verpakking masjien gesondheidsorg fabriek pharma

2021 Fabrieksprys DPP 150 Plat tipe aluminium plastiek blister verpakking masjien gesondheidsorg fabriek pharma



Model DPP-150 Automatic Blister Packaging Machine is a new product developed by our company. It is suitable for packing of capsules, tablets, sugar-coated tablets, candy, liquid (ointment), syringe as well as food, hardware and small electronic components. This machine completes the whole process of blister packing automatically, include blister forming, material filling, heat-sealing, embossed batch number, line slitting, blister cutting, waste rewinding etc. The blister-packed products have excellent sealing and are hygienic and safe to consumers.

This machine was approved by local authority of Zhejiang Province, and listed as a product that complying with the country GMP standard. It has been sold to various pharmaceutical factories nationwide, and also exported to India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.


a. The punching frequency can be adjusted by using the digital inverter, ranging from 15 to 45 times/minute.

b.   Adjustable gripping range, from 30-120mm. The adjustment is simple, with accurate synchronization.

c.   Equipped with an automatic feeder, with filling rate of 99.5% for round tablets, and 97% for capsules. The feeder can be connected to a powder vacuum device (optional).

d.   Adopting the plate-type moulding system, which minimize the heat loss during sealing, and hence the required temperature will be greatly reduced.

e.   This machine has advantages of light weight, small size, compact structure, user friendly and simple maintenance.

Verpakking van masjienbesonderhede

Masjien Detail


(can be designed on user's requirements)
Lug toevoer 0.15m3/min(Self-contained) Pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
Total Power 380V / 220V 50Hz 1.8kw         380V / 220V 50Hz 3.2kw
Hoof Motor Krag 0.55kw 0.75kw
PVC harde stukke 0.15-0.5 × 115mm         0.15-0.5 × 140mm
PTP aluminiumfolie 0.02-0.035 × 115mm 0.02-0.035 × 140mm
Dialectic Paper 50-100g/m2×115mm 50-100g/m2×140mm
Vormverkoeling tap water or recycle water 60L/h
Algehele dimensie (L × B × H) 1600 × × 500 1200mm 2300 × × 560 1410mm
gewig 600kg 1000kg